Total Timeline+

The latest innovation by Partners in Costs, Total Timeline+ is a modern solution to significantly improve cash flow, recoveries, cost estimate reliability, budget monitoring, and risk management.

How you ask? Via an elegantly simple innovation. We move costs from their traditional position at the end of a case, where they cause delay, to the beginning and throughout. It really is that simple.

Why now, you ask? Historically, the biggest problems a law firm faces on costs are delay, delay, and delay. Costs are always left to the end, and until they are resolved both you, and your client, are often left waiting for processes and procedures to run their course, often at the whim of a paying party or the Court, until you are paid, and a case concluded.

This change, in tandem with efiles and the latest in case management software and e-drafting efficiencies, allows us to provide you, virtually on demand, with an accurate and up-to-date costs figure, a future estimate for you and your lay client, accurate finger-tip budget monitoring, and when you require a Bill or Schedule, this has been prepared incrementally throughout the life of the case, and can be completed in hours not weeks.

Why now? Historically this option was only ever viable where you, a Solicitor, allowed a live file to leave your offices, which would make any indemnity insurer baulk.  It is nearly 2024, not 1999. Post-Covid, there has been a culture shift away from the analogue towards the digital. Technology has changed, the way we all work has changed and both you and we are more comfortable than ever working via efiles. TotalTimeline Plus applies modern technological solutions, our matrix of cross-skilled legal costs professionals and the innovations of the superb Frenkel Topping IT team to enable file access without risk to you, and this allows us to bring TotalTimeline Plus, and all it promises, to you.

Is it just costs?  No. We are constantly evolving this process even now, and already we are able to access the amazing resources available via the Frenkel Group to offer as part of TotalTimeline Plus a risk management solution via our partners at Forths.

The catch? There is none. The process exists within existing terms of business. It is just evenly distributed to allow us to make costs work more usefully, economically and efficiently for you. The Solicitor. As they should.

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