My latest letter to the World!

The new Intermediate Track comes into being on Sunday October 1st. It brings with it a Fixed Costs regime for claims worth between £25,000 and £100,000.

The changes only apply to injury claims where the accident occurs on or after that date. Outside injury, it will hit cases issued from October 1st, regardless of the fact that the cause of action, say a claim for breach of contract, accrued in 2018.

Our Director of the Frenkel Topping Knowledge Hub, Dominic Regan, had a recent audience with Costs Supremo, Dr Mark Friston. The excellent, practical advice from Counsel was that a Solicitor should send to their client Table 14 , setting out the Costs matrix in the Intermediate Track, the moment their case is allocated to one of the 4 Complexity Bands!

In the Court of Appeal BELSNER decision from October last year, it was emphasised that a client must be made aware of the inter party costs position in every Fixed costs case.

And don’t forget to review your Client retainer either, lest you lose the right to recover a bean!

Dominic Regan, Director of the Frenkel Topping Knowledge Hub