John Plunkett

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Costs Lawyer
03458 72 76 78 ext 345

As a Costs Lawyer I draft Bills of Costs, Costs Budgets, Points of Dispute and Replies. I also carry out Advocacy at CCMC’s and at Detailed Assessments. As a former ACL Tutor I also provide training. I have experience in both Claimant and Defendant work.

Notable Cases

  • I was engaged to draft the Bill of Costs in the £28m “Natwest 3” claim.
  • I was the lead Costs Lawyer in a group action representing 226 Claimants in a claim brought against the Royal Cornwall Hospital.
  • Represented the Paying Party in Drew -v- Whitbread; where is was confirmed a Party was not precluded from raising issues of conduct/exaggeration at the Detailed Assessment Hearing, despite such issues not being addressed within the substantive action.
  • Represented the Paying Party in the case of Charleston -v- Southampton City Council; where “Despite several past cases of Bills of Costs having been struck out for technical reasons, it is unprecedented, until this instance, for a Bill of Costs to be struck out as an abuse of process” (Zurich Municipal Court Circular – November 2012)


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