Helena Nkansah

Contact Details
Legal Cost Negotiator
Yorkshire and Humberside
03458 72 76 78 ext 261

How long have you been working in costs?
6 years

When did you join PIC?
September 2012

What work do you do?
Claimant’s Costs Negotiations from Civil Litigation matters to include Clinical Negligence and Brain Injury cases, RTA/EL/PL and Fixed Costs cases. In addition, I can prepare a number of Applications to assist with the recovery of costs on behalf of my clients.

Some interesting cases

  • Extremely complex Childbirth claim where liability was disputed for the majority of the case by the Defendant.
  • Damages short of £1mil.
  • Bill circa £450,000.00
  • Profit Costs recovery 75%
  • Bill recovery 82%


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