Legal Fees Explained

Partners in Costs are experts in explaining legal fees.  In fact, we are doing this specifically for The Spinal Injuries Association Charity (SIA).  Our role as a Trusted Advisor is to explain any complex legal jargon to their members in simple English.  You can visit our page on the SIA website here.  We can also offer this service to you.

Here at Partners in Costs we understand that it is extremely daunting choosing a solicitor to represent you, even more so when you do not fully understand the complicated legal jargon surrounding legal costs.

It is not our role to recommend a particular solicitor, our expertise is in explaining how your chosen solicitor will charge you for legal services.

We can help you to understand the complex legal fee arrangements, by explaining the glossary of legal terminology in simple English.

You may come across terms such as:

  • Conditional Fee Agreements (also known as a “no win, no fee Agreement”
  • Success Fees
  • Hourly Rates
  • After the Event Insurance
  • Client Care Letters
  • Terms of Business

Partners in Costs can assist you by going through any legal terminology in detail, explaining each term in simple English to allow you to make an informed decision over the experts you wish to work with.

For advice on legal fees, please email: