Reuben Glynn diaries his experiences of attending The Law Society Costs Roadshow

Law Society Costs Management Workshops

   Day 1 – Birmingham 30/09/2013

There wasn’t much sleep to be had last night, I was so excited about budget roadshow today. Still dark this morning at 5.00am and couldn’t get back off so jumped out of bed, trying to keep quiet so as not to raise the house, but tripped over my son’s football boots and fell down stairs thus waking not only the house, but most of the street.

I’ve just realised that I am heading off to Birmingham but I’ve not got the post code. Good job I’ve got plenty of time. I’m off to the De Vere venues on Colmore Row. As always I am looking forward to heading into Birmingham. I always like to eat lunch with Tony Hancock. I’m speaking with two very knowledgeable men today, HHJ Simon Brown and Tony Guise. I feel a little bit like Ollie Murs supporting Robbie Williams!!!!!
After finally arriving in Birmingham, I am pleased to say, the workshop was wonderful. The people in Birmingham are always so welcoming and the attendees were riding high on their football exploits of the weekend.

We had a great group, challenging and quizzical.

We were spoilt with an excellent presentation from HHJ David Grant. He went to great lengths to give the participants key practical advice and tips based on the costs management experience from the TTC in Birmingham.

He clearly, thoughtfully and precisely took us all through the maze of rules governing cost budgeting.

It was clear he really knew his topic. If all of our judges around the country are as well versed, solicitors need not worry about this project management exercise.

He made a very good presentation point. Make your budget clear and easy to read, ensure page breaks and borders are aligned. Make the job as easy as possible for judges.

Roll on London tomorrow –  I love the big smoke!!!