Simon Oxtoby

Contact Details
Group IT Officer
Yorkshire and Humberside
01302 386696

How long have you worked in IT?
I have worked in IT for the last 12 years. My previous experience includes working for several large ISPs and IT Companies providing a range of IT services to both the general public and businesses, including two top 5 Media and Banking Groups.

How can you assist our clients?
I provide a range of services for our clients including IT Consultancy, Secure File Transfer links and bespoke IT Support and solution for Group Companies

How do you support the staff at PIC?
I provide all IT Services and Support to PIC Group, stream lining their daily work flow, integrating the latest technologies and ensuring efficiency of systems and user. Since joining PIC in 2015 I have completely redesigned and rebuilt PIC’s core infrastructure, utilising a hybrid cloud environment to provide 100% uptime and resiliency to the business