Michelle Walton

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Solicitor Advocate
0161 694 3996

Michelle’s experience spans both costs and main action litigation, including involvement in various large group litigations such as the high profile Mau Mau litigation against the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, where Michelle was seconded to work in Nairobi, Kenya as an integral part of the litigation team.
Michelle is proficient at drafting applications on a range of costs matters and prides herself on her skeleton arguments in support of such applications. She is then able to present the client’s best case at any subsequent application hearings, ensuring the client’s position is protected as best as possible.
Through regularly conducting CCMC’s, Michelle is adept at dealing with both the Costs Budgets and Directions in County Courts, the RCJ  and High Court District Registries. Having past experience in drafting Budgets on multi-million pound cases, Michelle’s background means she is able to properly understand the extent of work required in high value cases, and is therefore in an excellent position to justify and defend all budgeted costs, as well as to criticise the reasonableness of the other party’s Costs Budget.
Michelle also regularly conducts Oral Reviews of Provisional Assessments and Detailed Assessment hearings, having experience appearing in the Count Courts, High Court District Registries and in the SCCO in London. Michelle carries an extensive knowledge of the law in relation to ATE policies, and is regularly instructed to conduct hearings solely on challenges to ATE Premiums as well as providing technical advice to major ATE providers.
Michelle is happy to provide advice either formally or informally. Having a sound knowledge of a vast area of costs. Michelle is often able to provide immediate advice on minor issues and encourages clients to simply pick up the phone to her if they ever have any questions or issues. She is also experienced in drafting formal advices on more complex issues and ensure that the client fully understands and is happy with her advice.
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