Brain Injury Group award PIC their seal of approval

PIC are delighted to announce that The Brain Injury Group have appointed us as their Associate Member for Costs Budgeting and Management Services.  Equally important and rewarding is that this followed consultation by BIG with their members.  These members will either be existing clients or other solicitors and industry professionals.

It was frequently remarked upon that PIC were the market leaders in the costs budgeting arena, well before its inception.  We were seen as having a very pro-active rather than reactive approach.  Also mentioned was our professional, flexible partnership ethos when working with our clients and their work along with our expertise with high end, complex litigation.

The news is very gratifying to all PIC staff, without whom our organisation could not have grown so successfully whilst managing to retain that all important reputation for excellence.  We will be striving to maintain this balance of growth, quality and personal touch over the next twelve months and beyond, proving the BIG and their members were correct in their appointment and recommendation.

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