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Kerry Ridley, Editor.
Welcome to the AUTUMN edition of the Partners in Costs Magazine
t the time of going to print we have just held our Liverpool Curry Night in support of AvMA, the charity for Patient Safety and Justice, where we raised £1,076.70. Don’t worry if you missed this event, we still have more to come (full details on page 2). We are also looking to
work with more charities in 2020, so watch this space for announcements!
We have two great articles in this issue covering the extremely high-profile case of West v. Stockport. Rupert Cohen, Barrister at Landmark Chambers (also Junior Counsel for the successful Appellant in this case) reports on the ATE element at page 6 whilst our Sean Linley, Costs Consultant reports on the proportionality element of the case at page 20.
In this issue we catch up with the three lucky winners
of the Partners in Costs Magazine Awards. Interviews can be found at pages 16, 17 and 19. Look out for our announcement in our next issue for next year’s awards!
Professor Dominic Regan returns once again with more helpful tips, this time on cheaper rail travel (page 30). Daniel Lewis of Daniel Lewis Law also provides reviews on great pubs with rooms (page 8).
As always if you are interested in contributing to our magazine by way of an article/advert please do get in touch. If you are not already on our mailing lists and would like to receive our magazine and our weekly newsletters reporting on caselaw and updating on events, please contact me and I will ensure that you receive them going forwards.
I hope you enjoy this issue, please do get in touch if you have any feedback!
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Welcome to the latest edition of our PIC Magazine
ummertime brought with
it the 109th update to the
Civil Procedure Rules, which seeks to provide some clarity relating to Costs Budgeting, with the line between incurred
and budgeted costs now clearly defined as the date of the first Costs Case Management Conference. In reality however, this causes a grey area in relation to the element of work done between the date of the Budget and the date of the first CCMC, which will be anticipated at the time of the Budget, but which may technically not be subject
to costs budgeting. We would therefore recommend that Budgets are as up to date as possible prior to filing at Court, so the incurred costs are as accurate as possible. It remains to be seen how Courts will deal with this grey area during assessment proceedings.
Elsewhere in our industry, the Consultation relating to government proposals to extend fixed costs to most civil cases worth up to £100,000 is now closed. The key question now is whether any further reforms will be implemented – watch this space!
We hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine, which includes an update from our Adrian Hawley on the Court of Protection Conference;
and a feature on Costs Budgeting by our Costs Advocate, Dominic Woodhouse.
Teresa Aitken, Chairperson, PIC
                                                                  Autumn 2019

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