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               Kerry Ridley, Editor.
Welcome to the Winter Edition of the Partners in Costs Magazine!
          At the time of going to print all of our
events for 2019 will have taken place.
Turn to page 4 for our events page, which provides details of funds raised at each of our
charity events, along with a run-down of what we have coming up for 2020.
This edition features a highly informative article
at page 8 from Juliet Wells, Barrister at Temple Garden Chambers. Juliet talks about the challenges and opportunities arising from the Capped Costs List pilot scheme. Juliet spoke about the Pilot Scheme at the 2019 Costs Law Reports Conference and received some amazing feedback.
Tom Ray talks about his own experience in surviving Sepsis (page 16) and provides useful guidance on the early symptoms to look out for in the hope
that he can help prevent others suffering a similar encounter.
Professor Dominic Regan returns with useful tips on the best affordable wines for the festive season at page 30.
Please do contact me with any event queries, if you would like to be added to our mailing list, if you would like to write an article for our magazine or indeed if you are interested in advertising within our magazine. I am always happy to help.
In the meantime, I wish you all a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!
As we approach winter and the New Year it is a good time to reflect. For the costs industry, the new electronic Bill has now become firmly embedded in our practice. Although we have encountered mixed views on the new format Bill, we are generally finding improved tolerance of what can be at first glance a daunting document to decipher!
The digital era has of course already descended on the Courts with continuing reforms relating to the CE-File electronic case management system, aimed at improving the efficiency of the Court process. CE-File has now been extended to the SCCO on a voluntary basis for Detailed Assessments where the request for Detailed Assessment is filed on or after 7 October 2019, or Applications filed or proceedings started in the SCCO on or after 7 October 2019. CE-File is due to
be mandatory in the SCCO for legally represented parties from 20 January 2020.
It is a good time to embrace the world of technology!
We hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine, which includes a feature from our Sean Linley on the new electronic Form N260.
Teresa Aitken, Chairperson, PIC
                                            PARTNERS IN COSTS

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