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for Lawyers and their Clients
The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary was founded in 1946 by the world-renowned spiritual healer Harry Edwards. The Sanctuary is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through spiritual healing, which is a simple, safe and supportive energy therapy that aims to bring balance to mind, body and soul, as well as stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability. You do not have to be ill to benefit from Spiritual Healing as it also supports good health and wellbeing. Daniel Lewis of Daniel Lewis Law provides a review on the services of The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.
         am lucky enough to have my office in the most amazing place. It is called The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary and it is situated in the most beautiful house in Surrey. Harry Edwards was a world-renowned spiritual healer who did some remarkable things, and this place is his legacy.
The people who come here are from all corners of the globe, drawn by its reputation and its serenity. They believe that this form of healing can help with their mental or physical injuries, and I have to say there are some remarkable success stories. There is a cancer centre as well for people who have the disease, and this brings them a calm and beautiful
place to meet fellow sufferers and laugh, cry, or do whatever they want. It is very cathartic as I am
sure you can understand.
Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, supporting good health and wellbeing.
various aspects including time; and above all it would help show the profession as a whole that there are other ways of human
fragility being mended.
       The law as a profession is high pressured
and can be seriously detrimental to health.
Conventional medicine can alleviate and
cure in some cases but quite often there
needs to be more. How often do lawyers get
to actually BREATHE? Even on holiday they
are looking at their cell phones so never really
get a break. With personal Injury and Clinical
Negligence lawyers they are seeing first-hand
terrible injuries and severe depression in people and
of course they do their best to get the optimum result for them. But how many lawyers actually recommend healing as a good tool for peace of mind and spirit and in some amazing cases, body?
I know that the general conception of spiritual healing is that it is some kind of hippy nonsense.
I thought so too until I was persuaded
to come here many years ago when I
was treated for PTSD. The calm that came over me was remarkable and I started to believe in the non-medicinal qualities that this form of rehabilitation can have. It is not nonsense, it is multi- denominational, and is not necessarily religious. Even a committed atheist can come for healing!
It would be nice to see lawyers recommending to their clients this form
of therapy as I do believe that it would be beneficial in so many ways. It would help those who are stressed and injured; it would help the caseload of the lawyers as clients may be more accepting of advice and less insistent on
You can also host conferences here –
a perfect place for calm reflection and brainstorming!
Alcoholism and depression are rife in the legal profession and this is mostly stress related, combined with lack of sleep and food sometimes.
I have already said that law is a stressful profession. It has become about business development
as well as law, and this worries people and
stress levels increase. Lawyers are not natural salespeople on the whole which is not surprising. So, having to do the job of legal intricacies as well as marketing, fundraising and networking can be an ordeal. Alcoholism
and depression are rife in the legal profession and this is mostly stress related, combined with
lack of sleep and food sometimes. The social side of lawyering can be demanding and time-
consuming leaving little time for self or for family. After all – how many lawyers are divorced?!
So, as well as recommending healing for your clients, try it yourself. There are many healing centres round the country but if you are near Surrey (or not!) this place is one of the most
remarkable that I know. They have retreats (good food, lovely bedrooms) which everyone who attends say
are quite impressive and the healing qualities are evident when talking to anyone who has
been brave enough to think out of the box and attend one of the sessions. Alternatively, you
can come for a simple half hour session to get the feel. The healers are human and great fun.
     For more information please feel
free to talk to me on 0203 823 9970 or contact the Harry Edwards Healing Centre on 01483 202054

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