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  Generations and Your
Customer Journey
This year’s NHS Resolution 2018/19 Annual Report revealed the cost of clinical and non-clinical claims continuing to rise while the number of claims remaining
the same. Also, despite the Civil Liability Act reforms on the horizon, there are PI practices still heavily investing on case acquisition together with diversifying into other areas such as medical negligence, which has led to a continual increase in competition and cost of generating new enquiries. Therefore, it is as important as ever to go that extra mile to keep a hold of consumers to achieve a reasonable return on case acquisition costs.
Further research shows that Millennials and Gen X make the most medical negligence enquiries (38% and 24%) compared to Baby Boomers and Gen
Z, who may rely on Millennials & Gen
X to make a claim or enquiry on their behalf. One of the other reasons is that this category are most likely to be giving birth where many types of medical complications can arise; in fact the average age for a first-time mother is now 30 and the greatest proportion of claims made through our Medical Negligence Experts brand relate to negligence surrounding pregnancy and birth.
Medical Negligence Claims in 2019 by Generation
Gen Z (under 18) 9%
19% 10%
mmadigital Clinical Negligence enquires by age 2019.
At mmadigital, we use data to analyse our targeted marketing campaigns across a number of platforms to make sure
we reach as many potential customers
as possible including TV, Radio, Social Media, SEO and pay per click (PPC) advertising. However, it is not enough to be seen by your target consumers, they also need to be able to reach you.
By providing a large range of communication channel options such as email, telephone or live chat, a customer can contact you in a way that suits their needs and be more flexible with their time. Consider using instant messaging applications like WhatsApp for Millennials and Gen Z - who can contact you
from any location on any smart device including mobile and tablet, available to them 24/7.
   Gen Z (18-24) Millennials 24
   (25-39) %
 Gen X (40-54)
 Baby Boomers (55+) Winter 2019
 Over 50%
of customers expect a business to be open 24/7. (Oracle, 2016)
 Rob Macfarlane, Director of Marketing Performance at mmadigital.
Technology, Technology,
and conversion rates. Remember, not all technology is suited to all your audiences, for instance Gen Z prefer the social media app ‘Snapchat’ (Business Insider, 2019),
a multimedia messaging app, used to communicate via photos to friends and contacts, which has few advertisement features for businesses, while Gen X widely use Facebook that has integrated business and advertisement tools.
Leveraging the right tech’ will help to improve your customer journey and keep in touch with Gen Z. One starting point should be to adopt a centralised CRM system, if you haven’t already, where you can collect and store all your data in one place, making it easier to analyse and spot changing trends. Make sure it can interact with existing and new technology to create a smooth and consistent journey for your customer. Don’t forget to train your staff on any new technology you implement too!
When it comes to communication technology it is important to remember, the younger generation are typically the early adopters, with Generation Z and Millennials being the biggest users of social media (globalwebindex, Social Media by Generation, 2019) and also less likely to engage with traditional media such as TV and radio.
These generations can be more demanding when it comes to response times and prefer any information to be ready and available immediately. To satisfy this appetite, consider using a chatbot for Gen Z consumers to allow your business to be there for them 24/7, 365 days a year. According to Oracle (2016), over 50% of customers expect a business to be open 24/7.
For sending out agreements/contracts, a digital signing system (e-sign) can
also be a positive experience for Gen
Z customers, who are environmentally conscious and do not want to wait for
a letter to arrive in the post. Using an e-sign product will reduce your postage costs and - from feedback from the firms we work with - improve completion time
01 Review your customer journey to keep it up-to-date with changing technologies and consumer generational interests & trends.
02 Maintain awareness of new and upcoming technologies being adopted by Gen Z, such as using e-sign products.
04 05
Are you available ‘on-demand’? Gen Z often prefer to communicate outside of traditional working hours, consider using a chatbot or opening later to capture these enquiries.
Be active online. Gen Z prefer to shop online and will use services such as Google and online reviews to make their decisions.
Utilise the newest generation entering the workforce. By employing those in generation Z, including via an apprenticeship, you can gain key insights about how they like to engage with service providers and upcoming communication trends by speaking directly to these staff members as brand ambassadors.

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