149th Update – Practice Directions Amendments

Civil Procedure (Amendment No.2) Rules 2022 & 149th PD Update

The Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice has recently signed off the Practice Directions Amendments which come into force on the 1st October 2022 (mostly).

The main changes from a costs perspective are the new PD49E & 49F dealing with Part 8 claims & the stage 3 procedure in Low Value Personal Injury cases respectively. For vulnerable parties  the amendment to CPR 6.23 (Service) will allow a vulnerable individual to withhold sharing their address from other parties (other than the court) in certain circumstances.

Certain PDs are dispensed with as being unnecessary and others are retained in a revised format, following consultation:

  • Deleted: PD2D (References in the Rules to action done by the court); PD4 (Forms); PD15 (Defence and Reply).
  • PD3D (Mesothelioma Claims) has been relocated because it is a “case type specific” PD and better placed outside the generic Part 3 code for case management.
  • PD8A (Alternative Procedure for Claims) is relocated and streamlined.
  • PD16 (Statement of Case) has been revised to make the PD clearer and more concise, in particular to remove duplication of provisions that are already in Part 16.
  • Transcripts at the Public Expense – consequential amendments to PD52B (County Court and High Court Appeals) and PD52C (Appeals to the Court of Appeal);revisions to form EX105 will be published (via Gov.uk) in the usual way.

You can read them all yourself at the 178 page PDF provided by the Justice website [62nd] [or 63rd (justice.gov.uk)

At PIC we like to stay ahead of the changes and if you are facing a dilemma over a certain costs matter then please get in touch for advice.

Adrian Hawley, Head of Engagement and Strategic Development