Reuben Glynn at The Law Society Costs Roadshow – Day 2

   Day 2 – London 01/10/2013
   Part 1

Woke again to darkness at 5:00am, I’m on the 6:02 to London. Always amazes me just how many people commute to London from Doncaster every single day. I got in trouble this morning for sitting in Ned’s seat. He doesn’t reserve a seat no, but he gets on at Newark and has been sitting there for the past 10 years. Locals!!!

We move on to day 2 today of our little road show and the excitement of heading to London is building. All very overwhelming for a northern chap like myself.

I’m expecting a very challenging group today….

   Part 2

What an amazing day in London!!

Justice Ramsey was regal in his clear explanation of the case and cost management changes. He explained how all the changes linked with the over riding objective to have litigation at a proportionate cost.

We had a very knowledgeable group today who had all had some form of budgeting experience. It was the best turn out so far and everyone came loaded with questions.

My tummy had started to rumble mid morning and the law society biscuits had started to prey on my mind. But with the level of intelligent questions I had to postpone my sugar intake.

It is clear that litigators have moved on from what is a precedent H? And similar obvious questions. They are now concerned with the process of cost budgeting and, I may even dare to say, legal project management.
We head north now, Newcastle is next on the agenda