Finally, A Fixed Costs Consultation!

On 30 January 2017, the Department of Health finally published its consultation ‘Fixed Recoverable Costs for Clinical Negligence Claims’. 

There are five documents in total associated with the consultation:

1. ‘A Consultation’

2. An Independent Review

3. ‘Annex D: Illustrative Pre-Action Protocol & CPR’

4. ‘Annex E: Data Pack’

5. ‘Impact Assessment (IA)’

The consultation ends at 11:45pm on 1 May 2017 and contains eleven questions, which need a response. We must all take the time to respond to this consultation, to ensure that we protect access to justice.

How to Respond

Comments on the proposal can be submitted either:

  • Online via Citizen Space (preferred)
  • By post to: Clinical Negligence FRC Consultation, Acute Care and Quality Policy Directorate; Department of Health; Room 2N22 Quarry House; Quarry Hill; Leeds LS2 7UE, or
  • By email to

Myself and my experienced team of costs professionals have taken the time to read this consultation, the proposed fees and the draft protocol in detail. We truly understand the impact this will have on Claimants, as well as Clinical Negligence Departments.

Reuben Glynn 9 FINALIf you have any questions regarding this consultation, what it will mean to your department and how best to prepare, please contact me, Reuben Glynn on I have already started visiting key clients to consult on impact analysis projects.