20 years of office work: how to stay motivated!

Ian Moxon, Costs Lawyer

Ian Moxon has been a Costs Draftsman/Costs Lawyer for 20 years – that’s 20 years of office work! Although he enjoys his job, when you do the same thing day-in day-out, in reality it can be difficult to stay motivated, so here’s what he recommends:

1. Have a goal (it’s really important). Paying the bills isn’t a goal, it’s a necessity (a horrible stick). You must have a goal. Many young lawyers are working to progress their careers – brilliant (all the motivation you need!). Others may be working hard to pay off a mortgage (or a debt), save up for a fancy car or buy a loved one a special gift. Whoever you are, you need a mission – some light at the end of the tunnel (a lovely carrot). I’m saving up to retire.

2. Take MASSIVE pride in whatever you do, no matter who you are – everyone can be a winner. We can’t all be Richard Branson. If your job entails emptying the bins, then be the best bin emptier in the world. If you’re a Secretary, then be the best Secretary in the world. If you’re the boss, be the best boss in the world – even better than Richard Branson. Be enthusiastic about it (enthusiasm makes your time at work fly!). I’ve always tried to be the best Costs Draftsman in the world – and, sure, I might not have managed that yet (by a long way) but that’s what I’m all about!

3. Live like an office athlete. It’s no fun being tired and drained of energy (especially at work). On work nights get to bed at a sensible hour (leave the late-night stuff to the weekends). Never go on a diet – diets make people miserable and tired. If your trousers are too tight, then buy a bigger pair. After a cup of tea and several chocolate biscuits I can do anything! Keep yourself fuelled up with plenty of sleep and food and you’ll have tons of energy. Having said that…

4. Exercise. When you’ve worked hard (especially in an office environment) you’ll be tense and full of built-up stress. That tension and stress is really bad for your health, and your partner and kids won’t appreciate you taking that out on them either. After work get some exercise. Exercise is just movement, which doesn’t have to be done in a leotard – you can simply go for a walk, which just so happens to be free (no gym membership needed).

5. Avoid the Sunday night feeling; that awful feeling you get after an amazing weekend, when you know you’ve got work on Monday morning. If you love life, then this feeling is inevitable – it’s not because you hate your job, it’s because you love life outside of work so much. Instead of suffering that horrible anxiety, go and do something on Sunday evening to take your mind off work. After all, the weekend doesn’t end until you fall asleep on Sunday night!


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